The Reality about Shopify as an ecommerce websites builder in Canada

ecommerce websites builder in Canada

Are you trying to start an ecommerce or online store? Then the best thing that you can do for yourself is find the right website builder that will help make your job much easier. Shopify is an incredibly popular name in the world of ecommerce and it is also an amazing website builder tool that will help you create a stunning online store or ecommerce in a matter of minutes. This is a solution that is aimed towards small businesses, including startups, and if your business falls into those categories then this is the perfect article for you. Bellow we are going to take a closer look at the Shopify ecommerce websites builder and see why it is one of the best options in Canada, as well as some of its downsides, so make sure to keep on reading.

As we mentioned above, this solution was made with small businesses and startups in mind and it should help owners create an online store or ecommerce. because of that, the people behind Shopify have made it their mission to make this platform as easy as possible to use because new owners usually means people that have never dealt with building websites before. The platform is also a fully hosted one which will take away the stress from having to worry about software and hosting because the provider will do all of that tedious and difficult work for you. The platform has its own payment gateway, but integration with other third-party payment gateways is really easy which means you will be able to accept payments from any gateway you want. Since this is a solution that should help you with ecommerce, it is also no surprise that it comes with every tool you need to successfully run an e-commerce such as inventory management and marketing solutions. Something else that Shopify is really famous for is the app store that has hundreds of different apps to choose from which will add to the functionality of your website.

However, especially since we did say that the Shopify e-commerce websites builder is aimed towards small businesses and startups in Canada, we have to also mention that the prices of it are significantly higher than they are with other solutions. The biggest problem with Shopify is the fact that things tend to add up and increase the overall monthly payment. Even though there are some free apps, most of them are paid for and the more functionality that you need, the more that will cost you. There is, of course, the infamous transaction fee which means that you have to pay the platform a fee for every sale you make, which can really hurt a new business.

Now we will talk a bit more about the prices themselves. The most basic plan will cost you $29 a month, the next plan up will cost you $79 every month and if you are interested in the Advanced Shopify plan, then you will have to be prepared to put $299 aside monthly for the subscription only, not including any extra expenses. There is also the Shopify Lite plan that will cost you only $9 a month, but all that will let you do is add a buy button on any website.

Since this is the favorite platform of over a million active users, it is easy to see why we think that it is a great option for you as well. And even though Shopify as an ecommerce websites builder in Canada definitely has some drawbacks, especially when it comes to the price, we still feel it is an amazing platform that you can get a lot out of when using it in a smart way, so we absolutely recommend you give it a shot.